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Family Law


Our Experts Supply Key Evidence In Family Law Cases

    Court proceedings and settlement negotiations turn on the quality of evidence each side presents. From deleted data to internet investigations, we can supply the evidence you need to gain custody or access to your children.
    We can help identify and extract deleted or hidden information to help you prepare for your case.
    Digital evidence can be used to challenge a person’s judgement or credibility, or to confirm that a parent has been compliant or has improved behavior to recover parental rights.


You Need More Than Your Word — You Need Evidence

Text Messages

This can be between the opposing party and a suspected paramour or intimate conversations with close friends regarding potential infidelity or other malfeasance.

Internet History

Was the opposing party engaged in some online dating activity? Did they attempt to contact others via the internet to facilitate this? This evidence is key to answering.

Email history

We can recover email history. Special consideration should be made, however, to restrict access to privileged material that may be contained in emails.


Personal documents, such as financial records, may be of particular importance in divorce cases.

Success Stories

Success stories

Questions and Answers


A child custody case is the most important fight of your life, and a digital forensic investigation can help you win it. Without evidence, these cases are just one parent’s word against another’s. The data stored on smartphones and computers can prove infidelity, spousal abuse or criminal activity. It can trace financial assets and uncover hidden bank accounts. And it can prove which parent is telling the truth.

If you need to win custody to protect your children from an unsafe situation, you need digital evidence. Our experts can prove that a parent or spouse should not be trusted with children. The evidence we extract can show conclusively that a person poses serious danger to a child’s safety or well-being, and we can provide expert testimony to make that clear to the judge.

Yes. Our expert team has provided evidence in thousands of family law and divorce cases. We’ve revealed the truth behind lies told about our clients, and proved the other parent was not the law-abiding person they pretended to be. Smartphones and computers are such a big part of our lives now, they collect all kinds of evidence about our activities every day. Most people don’t know how much evidence is there. We do.

In this kind of divorce, one party is making a claim that the other is at fault, and marital assets will not be divided equally or by pre-arranged agreement. It’s a battle, and you’ll need evidence. A digital forensic investigation can make all the difference in determining alimony, child support and division of marital assets.

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Child Custody Is Too Important To Lose

There is nothing more important than your relationship with your children. When it comes to influencing judges, magistrates, arbitrators or a guardian ad litem, digital evidence can ensure that your children remain in your life, and safe.

Digital information will have a significant impact on many family law cases. Life changing issues, including allocation of marital assets, child custody, and visitation rights are at stake without a computer forensic investigation. Parties, (and their lawyers) find out too late when the technology they did not know existed is used against them.

If you are involved in a family law case contact us for a free consultation to discuss how digital forensics may be deployed to your advantage.

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